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I know I’m preaching to the choir. I’ve said this time & time again but natural light is one of my absolute favorite elements in good home design! Of course, this was the #1 thing that we wanted to maximize in our kitchen renovation because this is the room where we start and end our day. When we had the opportunity to partner with Marvin on this project, it was a no brainer. The options to customize and fit our current space were perfect. Windows and doors can be one of the biggest expenses in a home but also create the biggest impact in your home lifestyle and efficiency. Natural light can affect:

  • your mood
  • the energy efficiency of a household
  • circadian rhythm of your entire family
  • the beauty, style and statement your home makes, inside & Out

Placement, type and size of windows and doors that are used in a home are the key elements in creating the perfect amount of natural light that maximizes the benefits listed above. Windows and doors also have a huge impact on airflow throughout your home and strategically placed windows ensure you have beautiful outdoor views.

But how to choose? Consumers have so many options when it comes to windows and doors. The two main choices are:

  1. Material
  2. Glass

Aluminum, vinyl, composite, fiberglass, wood… Single pane, double pane, triple pane…the options are vast! How you decide is greatly dependent on the company you use and the information your sales rep can provide for you. We loved working with Marvin for our replacement windows and doors, and they work with dealers across the country who will take the time to understand your needs and lay out options in a way that’s easy to understand. They’ll also help you know what to expect through the entire process. Their goal is always to make sure you feel happy and healthy in your home, and windows and doors are a big part of this. 

When looking at various options, I always recommend you consider your budget and your expectation on the life of the window. When deciding on the number of panes you should consider your expectation on how they will perform; the energy efficiency, noise reduction and protection from UV rays. When multi-pane insulated windows lock in the hot or cold air, your home’s heating & cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the inside temperature comfortable, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

A Marvin rep can help take out some of the guesswork when choosing your windows, and can help you decide what features would help you reach better energy efficiency and potentially save some money on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Energy efficiency requirements and recommendations differ based on geography, meaning a window that’s being installed in Minnesota will have different recommended options than one in Florida. 

There are a few notable brand names that come to mind when most people think of home window companies. Marvin is in the forefront of top quality and luxury for windows and doors. Do your research but make sure Marvin is top on your list of brands to consider! You can look up the line of windows and doors I used in my remodel here.

Our decision to update the window and patio doors in our kitchen has not only changed the efficiency of our home but also the daily life of our family. We gather in this space more often because it feels so good. The sunshine coming into the space and the ability to open up all 4 doors, letting the outdoors in, is absolutely amazing. Even on the coldest winter days, we get a dose of sunlight and warmth coming through the window panes. Our bulldog spends hours laying in the warm sun and the whole family enjoys mornings cuddling on our bench seat while watching the weather through the windows. Bring on fall, we are ready for cozy mornings in our kitchen!

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