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This morning we watched the last episode of of the 10 episode renovation reality television series that Dan and I competed on for the FYI Network in 2014. The only other time we watched it was when it aired so it was awesome to watch with a fresh perspective!

We were cast on the show, Rowhouse Showdown, with the only knowledge that we would be competing against 2 other teams to renovate an entire home in 6 short weeks and that the goal was to add the most value to the home with the future buyer in mind. Renovating a home to sell means that you are putting the future of the buyer in your hands by the quality of construction you produce. In the long run the buyer won’t care where the staging chair was placed or what color the comforter was, they will care if their home withstands the test of time! Tv Reality or Real life, where do you want to live…..we live in real life and we left the show feeling soo great that we created a real lifestyle for the future owner, not just a home that looked pretty on tv!

I forgot what a crazy ride this was but happy to have had the experience that pushed us to keep doing what we love. Integrity & quality is our main focus in how we work and its exactly what we did on the show despite the pressure to win, ultimately these were homes that people actually had to live in!! So here’s to a short post and a show that taught us a lot about the world of home renovation entertainment! Enjoy the show!

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