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Good morning everyone! The leaves are still green outside here but man did it get chilly last night. The fireplace is on and the kitchen is hopping; bacon, banana pancakes and maple cream lattes are on the menu today!

I’ve been sharing teasers on instagram for you all about how my daughters favorite movie became my recent inspiration and obsession in kitchen design but no one was able to guess how the Trolls movie had any inspiration for an interior designer! So how did this become such an inspiration? Well, one simple word, Scullery {a small kitchen or room at the back of a house used for washing dishes and other dirty household work}. Meet Bridget, a purple Bergen with pink cheeks and violet hair. She is sweet and kind and ALSO the scullery maid in the first Trolls movie. Her title and space of work reignited my interest in these small spaces! If you know me, then you know I love the small, extra rooms in a home that you can design to the max but also add maximum function. Sculleries and butlers pantry’s have been the main focus since kitchens are the heart of the home.

For years I have been telling my husband that I would love a butlers pantry strictly for all of my glassware. A place to store and display my collections. This would function as a prep area for cocktails + house all of my glassware making it mare easily accessible to use regularly. For now, I have satisfied that urge to design these spaces for clients and this first image was the inspiration for an upcoming project where we will be creating a butlers pantry in the former formal dining room.

My top 5 inspirational butlers pantry’s and Scullery’s + the one I used for inspo on an upcoming project are below! They all offer maximum storage options and out of this world design elements. They can be the singular storage space and kitchen in small vacation homes or additions to a primary residence. Wherever they are I hope you find some Saturday inspiration from these beauties!

Veranda Magazine, Brays Island Cottage by designer Beth Webb & Peter Block Architects
Butlers pantry that could also function as a Scullery by Jamie Rose Interiors
Statement lighting in these spaces is key! Design by Meredith Owen Interiors
The barrel ceiling & wine fridge take the cake in this space by Castlewood Custom Builders
The Millhouse Scullery by deVOL Kitchens
Old world scullery in London by Tim Moss

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