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Every spring we see an upward movement in home sales. Every seller has these same questions. So what tips are good to follow and which ones are trash?! Anyone can spout off a list of what you should do to get your home ready to sell but what are the tried and true rules to follow?

Tips To Keep:

Be Flexible: Don’t decline showings. If you are selling your home and are denying showings you are definitely missing buyers. Buyers often tour homes in a group and your home is just part of that tour, if you deny the showing then they will most likely just cut it out of the tour for the day and who knows when they will be back out..if at all! They could find a home that day and you missed having them even enter your home. If you think they will come back, they probably won’t. If it is absolutely necessary to decline then explain the declined showing to the buyers agent, apologize and then be flexible on when they return. Flexibility going forward is key to getting them to reschedule.

Staging: Staged homes sell faster! This is one of the most important things to a quick sale and the best price. Whether the stager uses your current furniture or brings in all new pieces to an empty home, staging helps potential buyers see what it would be like to live in the home. minnesota, interior design, white bear lake minnesota, north oaks minnesota, interior design, real estate, lakeville mn, realtor mn, minnesota realtor, renovation minnesota, kitchen design, living room design, staging, mn staging, katie kurtz, adorned homes, reclaimed wood, barn wood, minnesota interior design, top interior designer mn, top realtor mn, subway tile, shoreview mn, shoreview realestate, shoreview mn real estate, chandelier, lighting, living room design, kitchen design, open concept design, mn realestate, realestate and renovate, katie kurtz realtor, investor, mn investor, living room, luxury home, luxe living, home luxury, mn luxury home, mn custom home

Decluttering: Get rid of the trash! Clean out closets, cabinets and countertops! As much as possible, make it look like the home is a staged model. 

Paint Colors: Pink kitchens aren’t cool! Taste specific paint colors should be changed to neutrals. A red accent wall can really date a home and make it feel older. Light beige, gray, and whites are perfect and easy. If you want to add accents then darker versions of those neutrals are good too!

Pops of Color: Contrary to common belief, its ok to add color! But not to the permanent components of the home such as; tile, carpet, wall paint, etc. Instead, bring in color via home accessories like pillows, vases and fresh flowers! Katie Kurtz, adorned homes, Katie Kurtz realtor, Katie Kurtz mn, edina mn, park wood knolls mn, park wood knolls edina, home staging, mn realtor, mn realestate, top mn realtors

Detach: Get in the right mindset! You are ready to move and you are now marketing a product to buyers. It is a good time to put yourself in the mindset that this is no longer your house. Getting rid of any emotional attachments will help you to be more open to making changes to the home in order to make it appeal to many buyers rather than appeal to your own tastes. Look at it as a business decision. Don’t be insulted if your agent says it would be a good idea to remove the wallpaper that you slaved over installing and have loved for years, they have your best interests in mind!

Tips To Trash:

Tell the Buyer You Will Make Changes: Changes need to happen before you list! Often times sellers will tell the buyers that we are willing to make changes to the home if the buyer doesn’t like something. These are usually the things that are very taste specific or as said above, outdated. The things that the seller doesn’t mind personally but would not appeal to most buyers, like a bright paint color, outdated finishes or needed repairs. The problem with this is that most buyers can’t see past these things. Doing them ahead of time helps the buyers to visualize themselves in the home exactly as it is rather than having to use their imagination!

“List High so You have Room for Negotiations (cause most buyers will low ball you right?)”: Wrong, if a home is priced right then you will get interest right from the beginning and offers that are right on list price…even potentially receiving multiple offers which could then drive the price up. If you over price a home then you are definitely going to get low ball offers because the home will have sat on the market for a while. Even worse, when a home is overpriced, it is more likely that they will end up taking a lower offer than if it was priced accurately to start!

“If it Sells Fast it Was Underpriced”: Wrong again, an accurately priced home will sell quickly but an overpriced home will sit on the market. If it is accurately priced then it will attract serious buyers and an offer will be received within the first few weeks. In a busy market it is hard to “underprice” a home, if this is the tactic being used then it will attract multiple buyers and potentially multiple offers. Look to your licensed agent for advice when pricing your home.

Follow these and you’ll be good to go for the selling season! For an additional extensive list of selling tips head over to HGTV.com!
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