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It’s all about the shelfie! The question “how do I style my shelves”  has come up many times on my Instagram posts so I thought it was only fitting that we include this topic as one of our blog posts. I reached out to designer Katie from Adorned Homes who has a killer taste for shelf styling and asked her to give you tips on how to get beautiful looking shelves that flow well with the rest of your home/room. Enjoy her post and beautiful images for visuals!


Ever page through a magazine and swoon over the beautiful interiors on each page? The perfectly placed items in the room almost creating an art installation rather than a living room! Wonder how they do it? There are “tricks of the trade” that you can follow to get the same designer feel to your own rooms!

Use photos as guides to decorating your shelves, the web is full of them! There are millions of photos found on social media sites showing off perfectly placed home décor, flowers and even food. You’ve heard of the “selfie” but have your heard of the “shelfie”? More about that after these great tips!

• Stack books: Use books in similar colors to your room décor, stacks of white books is so chic. This is, also, a great way to give height to items when placed on top of the books.

• Vary Heights of Accessories: This strategy moves your eye from one object to the next and keeps it interesting!

• Symmetry: Symmetry will create a sleek look, clean and fresh!

• Color palette: Stick to the color palette of the room then use this area to add pops of color

• Function as Well as Beauty: Need easy access to your movie collection or storage for all of your board games? Get decorative boxes that match your room decor to store your items, looks great but allows easy access to your necessities!

• Statement Pieces: Any items that take center stage and really make the shelf stand out; large vases, topiaries, baskets, etc. Using larger items will make a shelf look clean and less cluttered (easier to dust too!)

• Group Similar Items Together: items of the same color or items of the same use such as; a bar tray or groups of white coffee mugs in a kitchen

“Shelfie” vs “Selfie”, have you heard?

“Selfie” has become the coined term for the act of taking a photo of yourself and posting it on social media. Stars such as, Kim Kardashian, have even published selfie books. Really? It was even, for a short time, believed to be an acknowledged medical condition, “selfitis”! It was found to be a hoax but prior to that, the newly classified medical condition spread like wild fire through social media, it went viral almost overnight!

It’s only natural that the home design world would get their own term!

The latest and greatest thing in social media is the “shelfie”. A photograph of carefully put together still life collections. Originally being photographs of items on a shelf, the term “shelfie” now encompasses all digital photos of still life collections. These collections can be anything from; groupings of food items on a table; eye glasses, books and a cup of coffee; even clothing…. anything precisely placed and photographed.

Social media stars, with a good sense of style and design, create “shelfies” that serve followers as design advice, a glimpse into a glam lifestyle or ideas for home decor.

With the tricks in this article you’re well on your way to being able to create your own beautiful shelf displays. AND make sure to take a “shelfie” to share!


Originally posted on Inspire Me Home Decor