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You may have seen this article on Midwest Home Blog, written by me for the MN chapter of the NKBA, but I also wanted to share it here so those of you looking for a home pro can have some extra help making informed decisions on who you work with! ~happy hunting!


Sure they may have an eye for design, a great sense of style and years of experience but what else can a professional in the design|build industry offer? One thing is certain; the housing market is booming and more and more home owners are doing remodels, new builds and redecorating. With everyone busy and having to postpone projects, here are just a few reasons why it is best to wait for the professionals!

It is estimated that there are over 2 million open jobs in the construction industry, leaving room for less experienced workers (or no experience) to market themselves to consumers to make a quick buck. Doing a tile job once in your own home does not prepare someone to go out and start doing this for clients. Same thing goes for plumbers, contractors, designers…you name it! Unlicensed professionals are less likely to pull the necessary permits and to do the job right.

What to ask before hiring:

How many years of experience do you have?

Are you licensed and insured?

What other local professionals do you work with?

Do you have a portfolio to show your past work?

Aside from the logistics of running a project smoothly, a professional in the industry can get you better deals on better products thus saving you time on repairs and changes in the future. It may seem more expensive than big box stores but most professionals offer warranties on their work when they are installing products that they can stand behind. Products from the same brand may seem exactly the same to the naked eye but the inner functions of many items are built much differently which is why those big box stores and online sites can offer such big discounts. Using trusted housing professionals to direct you to reliable showrooms will always be the best bang for your buck!

A certified kitchen and bath designer is someone who has gone above & beyond with training in the design and build of kitchens and baths. They know good design versus average, code requirements, pros & cons to materials and brands, and also expertise in drafting and planning. They can provide a client with professional contractors to assist with the carry out of the project and will continue through until completion.

Over the last 5 years I have been able to wrap my real estate knowledge and interior design skills into a complete package for my clients, allowing management of the whole process and a smooth project from start to finish! I am extremely lucky to have worked with so many great individuals and clients! katie kurtz, realtor, mn realtor, mn designer, real estate and renovate mn, real estate and renovate minnesota, minneapolis, shoreview mn, work wear, work style, girl boss, work attire, trendy work clothing, style, work style


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