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You all know that empty feeling your home gets after all the holiday decor goes down. No more garland, trees and Christmas lights to warm up the room! Everything feels very stark and the winter blues begin to creep in. Instead of getting the end of holiday blues use this as a time to refresh your everyday decor. It becomes more of a time to keep your spirits up rather than going into a winter depression! Spike your mood with these 5 tips that will help your home go from holiday fab and a new year where you can enjoy the simple pleasures of a clean home and a cozy winter.

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  • Think Ahead: When decorating for the holidays, only add pieces to the areas where there already was a decor item. Replace each piece of normal decor with holiday decor. Adding too much holiday decor will make that area feel empty when you take it down.
  • Stay Classic: Classic holiday decor that matches your homes current style will feel less overwhelming and more like your home normally feels. When it is time to take it down it is less likely to make your home feel empty.
  • Keep it Cozy: Add in winter pieces or keep the pieces you may have brought in for the holiday that aren’t specifically holiday but more winter. Fur throws, extra candles, neutral greenery or heavy knit throw pillows. Keeping these items that make the room feel cozy can help transition from the holiday season to winter. By the time spring comes you’ll be more than ready to swap it out for some lighter and brighter pieces!
  • Add Dimmer Switches: Dimming the lights in your living room can give you the same ambience you had from the lights on your Christmas tree. Go home and cozy up like you did during the holidays…dim the lights, turn on the fireplace and light some candles, this will immediately light your mood!
  • Host your Friends & Family: Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun with your loved ones! Host a get together so everyone has something to look forward to. Make a winter themed cocktail, a big pot of chili and play games by the fire. Winter is meant to be a time to stay in a be cozy, enjoy it with the people you love!
Holiday decor “Before”
Year round decor “After”

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