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The first significant snow came this week but stayed down in southern Minnesota and let me tell you, I was so sad! The first snow is my favorite part of the holiday season and showing Sloane the snow this year is going to be so much fun! Officially started holiday gift shopping this week and my first purchase was a good one. This week were sharing the best gifts for the office!

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1.Photo prints: The color coordinated family photos I have in my office are my favorite decor item. They lift me up on busy days and add style to the shelves! Make large prints for your family and friends as their holiday gift, choose their favorite photos, keep the color the same and accompany it with picture frames for a full home decor statement wall! The CB2 frames are definitely my fav. CB2 Gallery Brass Frames $24-$99 various sizes

2. Cute cork boards: Yes, everything is digital now but nothing is like having actual paper copies of goals, reminders and inspiration photos in your office. These cute cork boards have design appeal as well as function to play up the style of your (or your giftee) office walls. AND the price is insane! Target Octagon Cork Boards 3/$8.69

3. Desk Duster: Let’s be honest, if you have it right at your desk then your more likely to use it! This feather duster is my fav cause it’s cute, you could put it in a vase and it would look like desk decor! Ostrich Feather Duster $22.49

4. Potted Plants: Real potted plants are great for many reasons; they clean the air, bring the outdoors in and are cute decor for your desktop. Get ones that only need water once a week and low light plants are great for offices with few windows! These ones are delivered right to your door! Easy + affordable gift, done and done! Aloe Vera Plant $39.99

5. Self Care: Last but not least, this is another self care necessity. (Not specifically for the office but it makes your day alot better!) I am completely obsessed with the Beauty Counter face washes and creams because of their high purity standards. This one has been my new seasonal fav. It keeps my face from drying out when I wash at the end of the day and here in Minne, it gets soooo dry during the winter that we need a nourishing face wash! This cleaning oil is top notch, no lies and no advertisement here, its fab and worth every penny! I mean, even the bottle is amazing, glass and in the rosey tone that Benjamin Moore made their color of the year!! Beauty Counter Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil $49 for 5oz

Every one of these items are something I have found to make a difference in my work life, they are sure to be a hit! Next week we are sharing all the things gifting for the home cook in your life!

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