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Hello hello! We are back this week with the Adorned Homes Friday Five. In lieu of Thanksgiving coming up we are sharing fav five gifts for the cook in your life!

This year, we are hosting both sides of our family for the big Thanksgiving dinner and I’m pulling out all of my tricks in order to not disappoint everyone with our first Thanksgiving turkey! Our kitchen was made for big events and I have been dying to host a big dinner to try it out, especially our new Thermador range; 6 burners, a griddle and 2 side by side ovens…ummm yes! Dan is in charge of the fried turkeys and I’m taking care of the baked one, wish us luck (and grace if we mess it up! 🙂

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1.Luxe Flavor Cubes: Holiday cocktails are a MUST for entertaining and these flavored sugar cubes make your cocktail bar even more fun! Guests can choose their flavor and then add them to a glass of dry champagne. Any home cook who entertains will appreciate these as a gift! Come in Mimosa or Cocktail sets. Teaspressa Luxe Bubblies Sugar Cube Set $30 for 18 cubes

2. My fav cookbook of 2019! The True Roots cookbook from Kristin Cavallari is THE best book for an overview of healthy eating for every meal and snack! Think Tumeric Lattes and Beef Tenderloin w/Red Wine Demi Sauce! True Roots $25

3. Turkey Injector: Guaranteed to make your turkey delicious! We love to use this when we are going to fry the turkey whole because you can literally inject the flavor and spices into the meat. Grill Bump Marinade Injector $13.99

4. Really Good Salt: I know, I know, alot of people think there is only one kind of salt…white table salt…but truth be told, there are tons of different types! Salt makes a huge difference in the flavor of your food, especially when using quality salts. One of my favorites are salt flakes. Commmonly used for finishing food or even with cocktails, this one has natural minerals that really enhance the flavor of foods and is one of my all time favs! Maldon Salt Co, Sea Salt Flakes $5.49

5. Santoku Knife: I will forever be obsessed with this knife in my knife drawer. It is the one I use for all of my chopping and slicing! It makes food prep way faster when used correctly because you rest the tip on the cutting board then lifting up and down as you slice through your foods super quick! and I’m all about saving time! Wusthof Legende Hollow-Edge Santoku $49.99 sale

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