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Happy Friday! A good coffee table book adds so much to a room! I use them to add height by stacking, shape & size or to tie in accent colors smattered around the room. This weeks Friday Five is all about the perfect coffee table books that not only add design elements but are a great conversation starter during holiday entertaining.

1.Mother & Child: The images are gorgeous and the stories are heartwarming. Mother and Child gives a look into the bond of iconic mothers and their children. A great, decorative book to use on your desk for a pick me up as a working mom! Mother & Child $85

2. Iris Apfel, accidental icon: Icon to say the least for this women who makes such a statement! The cover of this book is so uplifting and definitly a great conversation starter for your living room coffee table. Iris Apfel Musings of a Geriatric Starlet $20.99

3. The Art of the Cheese Plate: A great guide to make your entertaining endeavors special and memorable. Aside from using this as a coffee table book, you will surely use this in the kitchen! The Art of the Cheese Plate $18

4. Leaf Supply: This is the absolute best coffee table book for your plant loving friends. Aside from being beautiful, this book has really good info. Comprehensive but easy to follow guides to caring for 100 house plants! Leaf Supply $25

5. Cats: Aside from the obvious gift for the cat lover, this is also a good book for anyone who likes cute things and white coffee table books! It goes with my favorite kind of decor and its something that you can enjoy with the kids. Walter Chandoha Cats $28

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