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Surprising as it may be, the Minnesota real estate market is still kicking even though the current state of the country is tumultuous to say the least. A recent Minneapolis listing of mine went on the market and had 15 offers within the first 24 hours. If there was ever a time when people realized how important their homes are, it’s now when home is literally where we are spending ALL of our time!

Everyone has been forced to find creative ways to navigate home life + work life because of COVID 19. Small business owners are finding new ways to generate income while some have completely shut down. Those of us in the housing industry have been lucky to be deemed as essential workers but are definitely working in new ways in order to keep ourselves and our clients safe. At the beginning of this, I felt like there was zero time for work as I was thrust into a stay at home mom position while still having the workload of a full-time job. We spent a few weeks trying different things to make it work until finally falling into a new routine that suits myself, husband, daughter and dog. The Engel & Völkers CEO, Anthony Hitt, said it best.

You all have the tools and skills to build and maintain a solid business. Take time each day to regroup, relax and rest. Don’t act on impulse, take time to strategize. We have a long way to go, and we all have to be ready for more highs and more lows. There will be times when you may feel unstoppable and times you may want to drop out of the race. You aren’t alone.

This is true for business and for our personal lives. My Minneapolis listing that I mentioned above is a real sign that we are all moving forward. New renters are moving into one of our properties and I have new listings coming soon in early May. Plus a handful of amazing design projects in the works that I can’t wait to share with you!

If you are considering buying or selling, lets talk. This is a very personal decision to make right now but with some strategic action plans in place we are able to move forward with our lives and homes.

Stay safe and strategize yours days to retain your sanity!


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