What Its About

Competence. Exclusivity. Passion.

Katie strives for creating a lifestyle. A lifestyle that promotes ease of daily living and beauty in your surroundings. How to help my clients live their best life is the first thought in the home we find and create. Best said by Coco Chanel “Luxury has to be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”, my goal is to provide a home that bestows function as well as beauty. Listing, selling or designing a clients home with discretion and speed is of utmost importance in order to help them move on to the next phase and live their best life.

Katie Kurtz is a licensed Realtor at Engel & Völkers Minneapolis and owner of the boutique design firm, Adorned Homes.

Design has always been a huge part of my life. Real estate & interior design, in particular, have been my main interest and now career for the last 13 years.

A person’s surroundings is the basis of how they feel in their daily lives which has driven me to pursue my career in real estate and interior renovation, I want to help people create the lifestyle they dream of! I have been able to travel around the world and had the wonderful opportunity to see different ways of life. This travel solidified my decision to become a real estate advisor with the global firm and lifestyle brand, Engel & Völkers.

Their reputation around the world is top notch. Since 1977, they have been the select provider of high-end premium real estate service throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Their global reach helps me to bring my home sellers exclusive buyers from around the world that other agencies may not have access to. Our use of the latest technologies, managing of an extensive network of exclusive listings and partnerships with influential media outlets provides opportunity for buyers and sellers that is hard to find elsewhere.

From a young age, I was hard wired to thrive on creativity. My parents built and designed everything themselves. My mom tiled, wallpapered, painted, reupholstered, and landscaped her way
through life carrying me into a career that required hard work and creativity. My dad, a business owner for 40+ years, paved the way for my “do it yourself” mentality.

I always knew my future husband would carry those traits! After attending the University of MN Duluth for the first year we started our relationship together. Dan is a licensed Master Plumber and has worked for his dads company, Glacier Plumbing, for 19 years. Glacier has an outstanding reputation in the construction community, working exclusively for a handful of premier builders in the Twin Cities area. Plumbing 50+ luxury homes each year, they stay very busy! He has been my partner in crime in renovating houses since we were the young age of 21.

Purchasing and remodeling investment homes was the initial goal, servicing clients in real estate and interior design came next. The majority of those first few years were spent doing a lot of work on my own while I built my business. Tearing out carpet, painting and tiling became the norm on the weekend! Within that time I attended school for Kitchen & Bath Design and became a licensed realtor. In the recent years I have had the pleasure of being the Staging Instructor for the Preservation Alliance of Mn, competing on a home renovation reality show, serving as the V.P of Communications on the NKBA Minnesota board , Architectural Supervisory Comittee member in North Oaks and have had multiple features in local and national publications.

Between Dan’s expertise in the construction field and my expertise in home sales & design, we are able to create a lifestyle for the homeowner they strive for! Competing on the FYI Networks featured renovation show Rowhouse Showdown, hosted by tv personality and carpenter, Carter Oosterhouse solidified our work as an investment and design team to reckon with.

There is no instant gratification in doing a home renovation on your own but the end result is a feeling of accomplishment that is hard to find. Watching your old, outdated house turn into something beautiful is one of the most rewarding feelings I have had thus far in my life. Now I find myself helping my clients achieve this in their own homes. Most of you can relate to this feeling of accomplishment from a home project or sale, to some degree. Even a project as small as painting a room can be extremely rewarding if it turned out perfect, for those of you who have painted a room and thought “Oh nooo, I hate it!” then this is for you!

I hope you can use my expertise, stories and photos to help your design and real estate endeavors to be everything you imagined! For more information on our services, contact me to see how I can help with your home interiors and sales!